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"Any notion that supremely talented musicians cannot be savvy, intentional entrepreneurs is upended by the idea of Greg Spero." 
- Matt Silver //
“As paradigms change in major entertainment industries, there are billions of dollars at stake and kings to be made. The Quincy Jones for this new age is out there, and it’s not hard to envision that person as a tech-and-business-savvy musician/producer like Spero"
- Matt Silver //
"For Greg Spero, the cross-fertilization of jazz with pop, heard so clearly on Spirit Fingers, carries on through 12 Spero compositions ripe with melody, beat and an uncanny spirited attitude."
- John Ephland // Down Beat Magazine
"If you’re in a mood for music that recalls the high fusion era of albums like Stanley Clarke’s Journey To Love or
Di Meola’s Elegant Gypsy, this will definitely do it for you.
- Phil Freedman // Stereogum
"...'inside,' a rolling,  cinematic composition whose main attraction is the polyrhythmic groove..morphs and changes like a weather system."
- Nate Chinen // WBGO, NPR
"...'being' is a chameleonic groove anchored by impeccable arpeggios that rise and fall against a dense, driving rhythm. SPIRIT FINGERS is a well-oiled machine...effortlessly balancing whimsical notions and melancholic chords with fiery percussive statements that capture the complex and bittersweet moments of life."
- Karas Lamb // Revive-Music
"Spero’s ambition is powerfully manifested in his new band SPIRIT FINGERS (formerly known as Polyrhythmic), a dynamic ensemble of uber-talented young musicians whose energy, passion and innovative approach stake out exciting new territory for exploratory music on their eponymous debut..."
- Jon D'Auria  //  Bass Player Magazine
"...Spero's adventure has reached escape velocity...this is a seriously good album."'
- Brian Morton // The Wire
"Greg Spero, an undeniably gifted pianist... assembled for his project amount to a veritable supergroup in terms of their prodigious talent...Imbued with preternatural levels of skill and a high replay value, this is one album where the much hackneyed term "fusion" seems an absolutely appropriate term."
- Roger Farbey // AllAboutJazz
“…Pianist Greg Spero has a way with plaintive loopingpatters..and is adeot at building solos of great melodic richness. The group really dazzles when piani, bass and guitar combine for some truly jaw-dropping unision lines.”
- Mike Flynn // Jazzwise Magazine
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