Tiny room studios


The Live Sandbox features a 26-foot-wide by 16-foot-deep stage area featuring trussing, theatrical lighting, green screen, live sound mixing, microphones, IEM, musical instruments/amplifiers as well as video cameras, switching/mixing for documentation and live-streaming of practice or events.

This area will be configured for each recording and / or live-streaming of audio and video panel event. Space will also feature simple panel-style table arrangement with 6 mics, headphones, cameras and green screen.

Equipment includes: Midas M32 console, DL-32 input head, KV2 Audio mains and monitors, AKG, Shure, Sennheiser microphones, 200A 3 phase isolated power and distribution, acoustical light neutral ceiling, Canare Star-quad mic cables.


The Studio Sandbox is equipped with digital / analog recording and mixing systems to allow the users to explore all aspects of recording technologies. Users enjoy an interconnect to the Live Sandbox to record live events, live stream or produce videos to help inform other of the creatives or technologies.

Equipment includes: Gamble 56 input console, Antelope Audio Orion 32, Tannoy monitors, Bryston Amplifiers, Lexicon reverb, Audient ASC_880 mic


Fender V electric bass

Fender Hot Rod Twin amplifier 

Lexicon 960L Digital Reverb / Effects 

Friedman Smallbox 50 combo 

Allen Encore 22 watt 

Marshall JTM-45 head (clone)

Fuchs ODS 30 (head)

Headstrong Mule (brown Princeton clone)

Fender Tweed Princeton (clone) 

Mesa / Boogie 20/20

Schecter California Classic

Xotic XSC 

Fender Jazz Bass (2001)

Line6 Helix

Line6 Variaxe

TC Electronic G-System

Kamaka Tenor Ukulele