USA tour with Halsey
March 11 - April 3

Corey Wilkes Quintet
Andy's Jazz Club
Chicago, IL
9:30pm - 1am
April 9 - 11

Greg Spero Solo: "Hard Jazz"
Wednesday, April 15
11am - 12am
Focus On The Arts
Highland Park, IL

Greg Spero Quintet
Andy's Jazz Club
Chicago, IL
5pm - 8:30pm
April 17 and 18

Greg Spero Trio
with Third Coast Fuse
Bottom Lounge
April 17
7:30pm show start with Tripwirz
3CF around 9:00pm
Greg Spero Trio around 10:00pm
Chicago, IL

Greg Spero Trio
April 26
8:30pm - 11:30pm
Cafe Cordiale
Los Angeles, CA

May: Festivals with Halsey

June/July tour with Halsey
Opening for Imagine Dragons

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Team "of Light": The winner of the Make Hills, Win Bill$ $1000 Video Challenge

Above you will see the final winner Team "of Light". This UC Santa Cruz team received $1000 cash prize for their winning video and their video will be premiered on December 16th and 17th at the US CD release party at the Close Up 2 in Chicago, IL.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted a video! Our hearts are warmed by all the sincere effort you've put into these works, and we really appreciate all the passion that we see in the videos. We hope you enjoy watching all the creative works made for "Hills"!

Spero is hosting a National Music Video Competition, "Make Hills, Win Bills" a $1000 Video Challenge for his new single, "Hills".

The contest is open to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Thanks everyone, we are so happy to see your brilliant, creative vision.

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(click name to expand bio)
  • Emmanuel Millar
    Emmanuel has worked as the head hair stylist on Ingloreous Basterds, Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2, Public Enemies Charlie Wilson’s War, Spiderman 3 and many more Hollywood hits. Along with his career producing movies, Emmanuel is now an acting coach and mentor to upcoming actors.
  • Kenneth Castillo
    In August, 2000, Castillo founded Valor Productions along with actrees/producer Karla Ojeda. In 2004 they developed a series of short films entitled The Misadventures of Cholo Chaplin. In 2007 episode V, A Day at the Theatre, screened at the Short Film Corner at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival and secured distribution for all five episodes. In August of 2008 " A Day at the Theatre" won the Imagen Award for Best Short Film and in September of this year secured funding for the next 10 episodes of The Misadventures of Cholo Chaplin. Kenneth has written and directed Drive By Chronicles: Sidewayz, Confession of a Gangster, Ghostown and Counterpunch starring Danny Trejo, Steven Bauer (Scarface) and Alvaro Orlando.
  • Ivett Havasi
    Ivett Havasi studied filmmaking at the New York Film Academy. She currently manages the rising production company, Digital Slave Productions which produced "Counterpunch," starring Danny Trejo, Steven Bauer (Scarface) and Alvaro Orlando.
  • Vince Lawrence
    For starters, Industry insiders recognize Vince as co-author of the first recording officially designated "house music". Vince Lawrence is credited with the initial organization of Trax Records, the seminal Chicago House label. Lawrence has exposed some of the dance world's greatest prodigies, including Marshall Jefferson (Move your Body-THE HOUSE MUSIC ANTHEM.), Adonis, Farley Jackmaster Funk, and Jesse Saunders while inspiring many others. Vince and his team have filled the major labels need for great remixes, providing chart topping work for Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Beyonce, R Kelly, John Legend, and many others.

  • Nov 4 12:00PM - "Hills" track will be released for download.
  • Nov 19 12:00AM - Submissions must be turned in at this time.
  • Nov 21 12:00PM - All submissions will be viewable on Spero's Youtube channel
  • Dec 5 - Top 15 will be announced on (Top 10 based on Youtube likes/view count and 5 wild card)
  • Top 15 will then be judged by our panel of industry professionals
  • Dec 12 12:01AM - The contest winner will be announced
  • Dec 16 - The winning video will receive $1000 cash prize and will be debuted at the album release show in Chicago
  • Top 15 get a free copy of album, "Acoustic"
  • 2GB Size Limit
  • Audio may only be the track "Hills" (no remixes)
  • More information, questions or comments, please contact: Paul Brisske : : (708) 502-4348

  • By entering your video in the contest, you are automatically granted the non-exclusive rights to use the track "Hills" for free in this project, and in any other projects that you create.
  • Both you, and Greg Spero Productions LLC have the non-exclusive rights to use your video submission in any way. This means you still own the rights to your video, and you can still use it for whatever you want - we just get to use it too :)
  • There is no limit to the number of people who can work on your video.
  • There is no limit to the number of videos you or your team can submit.
  • The team who creates the winning submission will receive the prize of $1000 cash. This team will still own the rights to its video. Greg Spero Productions LLC will also have the non-exclusive rights to use the winning video in any way.
  • Greg Spero Productions LLC is not liable for any expenses or damages related to the production of these videos. (this means we can't be held accountable when you get frostbite because you're filming polar bears in Alaska. careful. wear your mittons.)

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